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There's no gfortran, so we use Intel. Version 10 is not recognized by f2py (at least), so use 9.1. Linking does not find e_wsfe in the gnu-compiled liblapack and libblas, so we recompile those with Intel. Linking then complains about vmldExp2, which is found in Intel's libsvml.

LAPACK with Intel

The options required in are

FORTRAN  = ifort
OPTS     = -O3
NOOPT    = -O3 -fltconsistency -fp_port
LOADER   = ifort

the -fltconsistency is required to avoid a hang on the tests.

Feb 16, 2009

cosmomldc (/linuxtricks)
2009-02-16, 11:24 [edit]

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