What a new Mac needs...

→ When installing OS X (Tiger), include XDarwin.

→ After the install, install the Development Tools from the OS X DVD.

→ Then set firewall and printers.

→ Scientific applications: Wolfram Mathematica, MathWorks Matlab.

Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop Elements (if you have bought them).

Stuffit Expander

→ Other commercial software: Microsoft Office (little trick here: Office needs to be able to write to Documents/Microsoft User Data), Cisco VPN3000.


→ Editing: TeXshop

MindLube (points to OpenDarwin), Carbon Emacs (good), Emacs On Aqua (currently my choice, needs Python mode and ansi-color), AquaMacs (ambitious but confusing).

Dec 09, 2005

newmac (/osxtricks)
2005-12-09, 09:29 [edit]

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