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Dashboard widgets:

iStat (previously sysStat)

Merriam-Webster dictionary widget

Capture widget


SoundFlower virtual audio channels


Video download extension for Firefox

BitTorrent, of course. Not much good without DivX and AC3 for audio.

→ Don't want to buy QuickTime Pro? Try QuickTime Amateur

Older, to sort:

Bwana is a cool manpage renderer for web browsers. The trick is remembering to use it.

→ The PDF Browser Plugin by Schubert IT will beautifully display PDF documents within Safari, so you can avoid cluttering up the desktop with downloads. Acrobat 7 now does the same, but I still prefer the PDF Browser Plugin. But now Tiger also does it by default!

Links is a text-based www browser that will do miracles with complex layouts. Hmm, deliciously low bandwidth!

CocoAspell is a nice spellchecking service for OS X, which will interact with TeXshop and allow LaTeX keywords. See /osxtricks/installcocoaspell about its installation.

CronniX will edit the crontab.

→ Preparing for Tiger (maybe): Carbon Copy Cloner.


DarwinPorts, in my opinion, is superior to Fink.

→ The best version of gnuplot for OS X (X11 and AquaTerm) is at Also from DarwinPorts.


Cyberduck, a cute FTP and SFTP browser. Or Fugu.


XeTeX can use the OS X fonts: mindboggling, especially in conjunction with fontspec.

→ A nice free editor is TextWrangler; or SubEthaEdit. Textpander for easy abbreviations.

TeXpoint for the Mac! Equation Service can also be useful when doing PowerPoint presentations.

CocoaBooklet will make PDF booklets; PDFLab will do other PDF acrobatics.


HFS rsync: may it be?

Cocktail will clean, repair, and optimize OS X. A more specific tool, DeepSix, will clean font caches (especially Microsoft Office's).

→ Making the best of PowerBook keyboards: uControl or better DoubleCommand.

→ Backup tools: Duover, Impression (to CD), iMsafe, and my favorite, SilverKeeper.


BitCartel RadioLover and iRecordMusic, Roxio Roast. Commercial!

→ Got an iPod? Get Senuti! (and maybe Blue Coconut…)

→ Split iPhoto libraries with iPhotoBuddy.

→ Talk free with Skype

To evaluate:

Devon technologies has lots of useful freeware, including WordService ("34 functions to convert, format or speak the currently selected text, to insert data or to show statistics of the selection within all Cocoa applications"), CalcService ("calculates the result of a selected formula within all Cocoa applications"), and ThumbsUp ("a simple, drag-and-drop based utility to create thumbnails for a bunch of pictures").

Cocoalicious, Inkscape, Gizmo, CVSFinder, ScPlugin

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