OS X installation checklist

→ Run Cocktail to remove caches, fix permissions, etc.

→ Back up user directory

→ Run installer: choose Archive and Install, customize to avoid installing strange languages and too many printer drivers

→ Install development tools

→ Software update

→ Examine /Applications for undesirable applications left from prior system

→ Examine ~/Library for caches and preferences of removed applications

→ Open Mail to migrate messages

→ Examine /Previous System to see what can be trashed

→ Tried this hack to remap "enter" key. Seems to work. Perhaps useful in combination with Ukulele. Could try also DoubleCommand.

→ Removed some Mail 1.0 caches following this hint; freed 1.8G!

→ Before connecting Firewire disks, prevent Spotlight from indexing them (add /Volumes) to the privacy tab.

→ Install Microsoft Office (installer might quit if it finds previous Microsoft User Data folders or symbolic links to folders), and accept its updates (hoping they'll do good!)

→ Update versions of some utilities (BitTorrent, emacs, Senuti, TextWrangler, VLC, Skype)

→ Install Mathematica

→ Install Texshop and i-Installer with basic LaTeX packages (forget the i386 versions!), CM-super, ghostscript 8, imagemagick (which required libwmf and freetype 2)

→ Install emacs (AquaMacs, but Emacs On Aqua is better, although it may be broken on 10.4.4?)

→ Install Python Imaging

→ Update iMovie

→ Had to trash the System keychain (was asking for pwd at login) and reinput wireless pwd

→ Clean up previous system directory. Saved lots of space.

For later…

→ Remember to update SilverKeeper (with care) before backing up

→ Install DarwinPorts?

→ Install Python 2.4

PDF for Firefox

Jun 20, 2008

tigerinstall (/osxtricks)
2008-06-20, 04:11 [edit]

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