[0706.3700] Probing white dwarf interiors with LISA: periastron precession in double white dwarfs

Authors: B. Willems (1), A. Vecchio (1,2), V. Kalogera (1) ((1) Northwestern U., (2) U. of Birmingham)

Date: 25 Jun 2007

Abstract: In globular clusters, dynamical interactions give rise to a population of eccentric double white dwarfs detectable by the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) up to the Large Magellanic Cloud. In this Letter, we explore the detectability of periastron precession in these systems with LISA. Unlike previous investigations, we consider contributions due to tidal and rotational distortions of the binary components in addition to general relativistic contributions to the periastron precession. At orbital frequencies above a few mHz, we find that tides and stellar rotation dominate, opening up a possibly unique window to the study of the interior and structure of white dwarfs.

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Jan 17, 2008

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