[0708.0001] The effects of Chern-Simons gravity on bodies orbiting the Earth

Authors: Tristan L. Smith (Caltech), Adrienne L. Erickcek (Caltech), Robert R. Caldwell (Dartmouth College), Marc Kamionkowski (Caltech)

Date: 31 Jul 2007

Abstract: One of the possible low-energy consequences of string theory is the addition of a Chern-Simons term to the standard Einstein-Hilbert action of general relativity. It can be argued that the quintessence field should couple to this Chern-Simons term, and if so, it drives in the linearized theory a parity-violating interaction between the gravito-electric and gravitomagnetic fields. In this paper, the linearized spacetime for Chern-Simons gravity around a massive spinning body is found to include new modifications to the gravitomagnetic field that have not appeared in previous work. The orbits of test bodies and the precession of gyroscopes in this spacetime are calculated, leading to new constraints on the Chern-Simons parameter space due to current satellite experiments.

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Jan 09, 2008

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