[0801.2896] Bounds on gravitational wave backgrounds from large distance clock comparisons

Authors: Serge Reynaud, Brahim Lamine, Loic Duchayne, Peter Wolf, Marc-Thierry Jaekel

Date: 18 Jan 2008

Abstract: Our spacetime is filled with gravitational wave backgrounds that constitute a fluctuating environment created by astrophysical and cosmological sources. Bounds on these backgrounds are obtained from cosmological and astrophysical data but also by analysis of ranging and Doppler signals from distant spacecraft. We propose here a new way to set bounds on those backgrounds by performing clock comparisons between a ground clock and a remote spacecraft equipped with an ultra-stable clock, rather than only ranging to an onboard transponder. This technique can then be optimized as a function of the signal to be measured and the dominant noise sources, leading to significant improvements on present bounds in a promising frequency range where different theoretical models are competing. We illustrate our approach using the SAGAS project which aims to fly an ultra stable optical clock in the outer solar system.

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Jan 21, 2008

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