[0802.0025] Cosmological black hole spin evolution by mergers and accretion

Authors: Emanuele Berti, Marta Volonteri

Date: 31 Jan 2008

Abstract: Using recent results from numerical relativity simulations of black hole mergers, we revisit previous studies of cosmological black hole spin evolution. We show that mergers are very unlikely to yield large spins, unless alignment of the spins of the merging holes with the orbital angular momentum is very efficient. If iron-line measurements and LISA observations of extreme mass-ratio inspirals (EMRIs) only yield dimensionless spins j>0.9, then prolonged accretion should be responsible for spin-up, and chaotic accretion scenarios would be very unlikely. If only a fraction of the whole population of low-redshift black holes spins rapidly, spin-alignment during binary mergers (rather than prolonged accretion) could be responsible for spin-ups.

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Feb 05, 2008

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