[0802.2023] LISACode : A scientific simulator of LISA

Authors: Antoine Petiteau (APC), G. Auger (APC), H. Halloin (APC), O. Jeannin (APC), E. Plagnol (APC), Sophie Pireaux (ARTEMIS), Tania Regimbau (ARTEMIS), J.-Y. Vinet (ARTEMIS)

Date: 14 Feb 2008

Abstract: A new LISA simulator (LISACode) is presented. Its ambition is to achieve a new degree of sophistication allowing to map, as closely as possible, the impact of the different sub-systems on the measurements. LISACode is not a detailed simulator at the engineering level but rather a tool whose purpose is to bridge the gap between the basic principles of LISA and a future, sophisticated end-to-end simulator. This is achieved by introducing, in a realistic manner, most of the ingredients that will influence LISA's sensitivity as well as the application of TDI combinations. Many user-defined parameters allow the code to study different configurations of LISA thus helping to finalize the definition of the detector. Another important use of LISACode is in generating time series for data analysis developments.

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Feb 15, 2008

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