[0802.2520] Binary Black Hole Encounters, Gravitational Bursts and Maximum Final Spin

Authors: M. C. Washik, J. Healy, F. Herrmann, I. Hinder, D. M. Shoemaker, P. Laguna, R. A. Matzner

Date: 18 Feb 2008

Abstract: The spin of the final black hole in the coalescence of nonspinning black holes is determined by the ‘residual’ orbital angular momentum of the binary. This residual momentum consists of the orbital angular momentum that the binary is not able to shed in the process of merging. We study the angular momentum radiated, the spin of the final black hole and the gravitational bursts in a series of orbits ranging from almost direct infall to numerous orbits before infall that exhibit multiple bursts of radiation in the merger process. We show that the final black hole gets a maximum spin parameter $a/M_h \le 0.78$, and this maximum occurs for initial orbital angular momentum $L \approx Mˆ2_h$.

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Feb 19, 2008

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