[0803.3804] Gravitational waves from pulsations of neutron stars described by realistic Equations of State

Authors: Sebastiano Bernuzzi, Alessandro Nagar

Date: 26 Mar 2008

Abstract: In this work we discuss the time-evolution of nonspherical perturbations of a nonrotating neutron star described by a realistic Equation of State (EOS). We analyze 10 different EOS for a large sample of neutron star models. Various kind of generic initial data are evolved and the corresponding gravitational wave signals are computed. We focus on the dynamical excitation of fluid and spacetime modes and extract the corresponding frequencies. We employ a constrained numerical algorithm based on standard finite differencing schemes which permits stable and long term evolutions. Our code provides accurate waveforms and allows to capture, via Fourier analysis of the energy spectra, the frequencies of the fluid modes with an accuracy comparable to that of frequency domain calculations. The results we present here are useful for provindig comparisons with simulations of nonlinear oscillations of (rotating) neutron star models as well as testbeds for 3D nonlinear codes.

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Mar 26, 2008

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