[0803.4482] The transition from adiabatic inspiral to geodesic plunge for a compact object around a massive Kerr black hole: Generic orbits

Authors: Pranesh A. Sundararajan

Date: 31 Mar 2008

Abstract: The inspiral of a stellar mass compact object falling into a massive Kerr black hole can be broken into three different regimes: An adiabatic inspiral phase, where the inspiral timescale is much smaller than the orbital period; a late-time radial infall, which can be approximated as a plunging geodesic; and a regime where the body transitions from the inspiral to plunge. In earlier work, Ori and Thorne have outlined a method to compute the trajectory during this transition for a compact object in a circular, equatorial orbit. We generalize this technique to include inclination and eccentricity.

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Mar 31, 2008

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2008-03-31, 20:09 [edit]

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