[0804.0628] Wormholes and trumpets: the Schwarzschild spacetime for the moving-puncture generation

Authors: Mark Hannam, Sascha Husa, Frank Ohme, Bernd Bruegmann, Niall O'Murchadha

Date: 3 Apr 2008

Abstract: We expand upon our previous analysis of numerical moving-puncture simulations of the Schwarzschild spacetime. We present a derivation of the family of analytic stationary 1+log foliations of the Schwarzschild solution, and outline a transformation to isotropic-like coordinates. We discuss in detail the numerical evolution of standard Schwarzschild puncture data, and the new time-independent 1+log data. Finally, we demonstrate that the moving-puncture method can locate the appropriate stationary geometry in a robust manner when a numerical code alternates between two forms of 1+log slicing during a simulation.

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Apr 06, 2008

0804.0628 (/preprints)
2008-04-06, 21:16 [edit]

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