[0804.3322] A Constrained Metropolis-Hastings Search for EMRIs in the Mock LISA Data Challenge 1B

Authors: Jonathan R. Gair, Stanislav Babak, Edward K. Porter, Leor Barack

Date: 21 Apr 2008

Abstract: We describe a search for the EMRI sources in the Round 1B Mock LISA Data Challenge data sets. The search algorithm is a Monte-Carlo search based on the Metropolis-Hastings algorithm, but also incorporates simulated, thermostated and time annealing, plus a harmonic identification stage designed to reduce the chance of the chain locking onto secondary maxima. In this paper, we focus on describing the algorithm that we have been developing. We give the results of the search of the Round 1B data, although parameter recovery has improved since that deadline. Finally, we describe several modifications to the search pipeline that we are currently investigating for incorporation in future searches.

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Apr 22, 2008

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2008-04-22, 09:43 [edit]

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