[0805.1017] Transformation of the multipolar components of gravitational radiation under rotations and boosts

Authors: L. Gualtieri, E. Berti, V. Cardoso, U. Sperhake

Date: 7 May 2008

Abstract: We study the transformation of multipolar decompositions of gravitational radiation under rotations and boosts. Rotations to the remnant black hole's frame simplify the waveforms from the merger of generic spinning black hole binaries. Boosts may be important to get an accurate gravitational-wave phasing, especially for configurations leading to large recoil velocities of the remnant. As a test of our formalism we revisit the classic problem of point particles falling into a Schwarzschild black hole. Then we highlight by specific examples the importance of choosing the right frame in numerical simulations of unequal-mass, spinning binary black-hole mergers.

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May 08, 2008

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