[0805.3570] Stochastic Backgrounds of Gravitational Waves from Cosmological Sources: Techniques and Applications to Preheating

Authors: Larry R. Price, Xavier Siemens

Date: 23 May 2008

Abstract: Several mechanisms exist for generating a stochastic background of gravitational waves in the period following inflation. These mechanisms are generally classical in nature, with the gravitational waves being produced from inhomogeneities in the fields that populate the early universe and not quantum fluctuations. The resulting stochastic background could be accessible to next generation gravitational wave detectors. We develop a framework for computing such a background analytically and computationally. As an application of our framework, we consider the stochastic background of gravitational waves generated in a simple model of preheating.

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May 27, 2008

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2008-05-27, 19:09 [edit]

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