[0812.4339] Gravitational wave background as a probe of the primordial black hole abundance

Authors: Ryo Saito, Jun'ichi Yokoyama

Date: 23 Dec 2008

Abstract: Formation of primordial black holes (PBHs) requires a large root-mean-square amplitude of density fluctuations, which generate second-order tensor perturbations that can be compared with observational constraints. We show that pulsar timing data essentially rules out PBHs with $10ˆ{2-4}\msolar$ which were previously considered as a candidate of intermediate-mass black hoes and that PBHs with mass range $10ˆ{20-26}$ g may be probed by future space-based laser interferometers.

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Jan 09, 2009

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2009-01-09, 12:13 [edit]

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