[0901.0993] Numerical black hole initial data with low eccentricity based on post-Newtonian orbital parameters

Authors: Benny Walther, Bernd Bruegmann, Doreen Mueller

Date: 8 Jan 2009

Abstract: Black hole binaries on non-eccentric orbits form an important subclass of gravitational wave sources, but it is a non-trivial issue to construct numerical initial data with minimal initial eccentricity for numerical simulations. We compute post-Newtonian orbital parameters for quasi-spherical orbits using the method of Buonanno, Chen and Damour (2006) and examine the resulting eccentricity in numerical simulations. Four different methods are studied resulting from the choice of Taylor-expanded or effective-one-body Hamiltonians, and from two choices for the energy flux. The eccentricity increases for unequal masses and for spinning black holes, but remains smaller than that obtained from previous post-Newtonian approaches. The effective-one-body Hamiltonian offers advantages for decreasing initial separation as expected, but in the context of this study also performs significantly better than the Taylor-expanded Hamiltonian for binaries with spin.

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Jan 09, 2009

0901.0993 (/preprints)
2009-01-09, 12:05 [edit]

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