[0901.3861] Comparison of Post-Newtonian and Numerical Evolutions of Black-Hole Binaries

Authors: Hiroyuki Nakano, Manuela Campanelli, Carlos O. Lousto, Yosef Zlochower

Date: 24 Jan 2009

Abstract: In this paper, we compare the waveforms from the post-Newtonian (PN) approach with the numerical simulations of generic black-hole binaries which have mass ratio $q\sim0.8$, arbitrarily oriented spins with magnitudes $S_1/m_1ˆ2\sim0.6$ and $S_2/m_2ˆ2\sim0.4$, and orbit 9 times from an initial orbital separation of $r\approx11M$ prior to merger. We observe a reasonably good agreement between the PN and numerical waveforms, with an overlap of over 98% for the first six cycles of the $(\ell=2,m=\pm2)$ mode and over 90% for the $(\ell=2,m=1)$ and $(\ell=3,m=3)$ modes.

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Jan 27, 2009

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