[0901.4696] Searching for numerically-simulated signals of black hole binaries with a phenomenological template family

Authors: Lucia Santamaria, Badri Krishnan, John T. Whelan

Date: 29 Jan 2009

Abstract: Recent progress in numerical relativity now allows computation of the binary black hole merger, whereas post-Newtonian and perturbative techniques can be used to model the inspiral and ringdown phases. So far, most gravitational-wave searches have made use of various post-Newtonian-inspired templates to search for signals arising from the coalescence of compact binary objects. Ajith et al have produced hybrid waveforms for non-spinning binary black-hole systems which include the three stages of the coalescence process, and constructed from them phenomenological templates which capture the features of these waveforms in a parametrized form. As a first step towards extending the present inspiral searches to higher-mass binary black-hole systems, we have used these phenomenological waveforms in a search for numerically-simulated signals injected into synthetic LIGO data as part of the NINJA project.

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Jan 30, 2009

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