[0904.3541] Remnant Masses, Spins and Recoils from the Merger of Generic Black-Hole Binaries

Authors: Carlos O. Lousto, Manuela Campanelli, Yosef Zlochower (RIT)

Date: 22 Apr 2009

Abstract: We propose simple empirical formulae to describe the final remnant mass, spin, and recoil velocity from the merger of quasi-circular black-hole binaries with arbitrary mass ratios and spins. Our formulae are based on the post-Newtonian scaling with constant parameters chosen by a least-squares fit of the available data from recent fully nonlinear numerical simulations and is relevant to statistical studies of N-body simulations of galaxy cores and clusters, and the cosmological growth of supermassive black holes.

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Apr 25, 2009

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2009-04-25, 16:02 [edit]

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