[0906.0461] Gravitational wave backgrounds and the cosmic transition from Population III to Population II stars

Authors: Stefania Marassi, Raffaella Schneider, Valeria Ferrari

Date: 2 Jun 2009

Abstract: Using the results of a numerical simulation which follows the evolution, metal enrichment and energy deposition of both Population III and Population II stars, we predict the redshift dependence of the formation rate of black hole remnants of Population III stars with masses 100- 500Msun and of neutron stars(black holes) remnants of Population II stars with masses 8-20Msun (20-40Msun). We describe the gravitational wave spectrum produced by Population III and Population II sources adopting the most appropriate signals available in the literature and we compute the stochastic backgrounds resulting from the cumulative emission of these sources throughout the history of the Universe. With the aim of assessing whether these backgrounds might act as foregrounds for signals generated in the Inflationary epoch, we compare their amplitudes with the sensitivity of currently planned and future ground/space-based interferometers.

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Jun 07, 2009

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