[0906.0993] Fisher Matrix Preloaded -- Fisher4Cast

Authors: Bruce A. Bassett (SAAO, UCT), Yabebal Fantaye (SISSA, SAAO, UCT), Renée Hlozek (Oxford, SAAO, UCT), Jacques Kotze (UCT)

Date: 4 Jun 2009

Abstract: The Fisher Matrix is the backbone of modern cosmological forecasting. We describe the Fisher4Cast software: a general-purpose, easy-to-use, Fisher Matrix framework. It is open source, rigorously designed and tested and includes a Graphical User Interface (GUI) with automated LATEX file creation capability and point-and-click Fisher ellipse generation. Fisher4Cast was designed for ease of extension and, although written in Matlab, is easily portable to open-source alternatives such as Octave and Scilab. Here we use Fisher4Cast to present new 3-D and 4-D visualisations of the forecasting landscape and to investigate the effects of growth and curvature on future cosmological surveys. Early releases have been available at this http URL since May 2008 with 750 downloads in the first year. Version 2.0 is made public with this paper and includes a Quick Start guide and the code used to produce the figures in this paper, in the hope that it will be useful to the cosmology and wider scientific communities.

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Nov 17, 2009

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