[0906.3003] On the gravitational polarizability of black holes

Authors: Thibault Damour, Orchidea Maria Lecian

Date: 16 Jun 2009

Abstract: The gravitational polarizability properties of black holes are compared and contrasted with their electromagnetic polarizability properties. The ‘shape’ or ‘height’ multipolar Love numbers h_l of a black hole are defined and computed. They are then compared to their electromagnetic analogs h_lˆ{EM}. The Love numbers h_l give the height of the l-th multipolar ‘tidal bulge’ raised on the horizon of a black hole by faraway masses. We also discuss the shape of the tidal bulge raised by a test mass m, in the limit where m gets very close to the horizon.

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Jun 20, 2009

0906.3003 (/preprints)
2009-06-20, 11:10 [edit]

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