[0907.0414] Derivation of Gravitational Self-Force

Authors: Samuel E. Gralla, Robert M. Wald

Date: 2 Jul 2009

Abstract: We analyze the issue of ‘particle motion’ in general relativity in a systematic and rigorous way by considering a one-parameter family of metrics corresponding to having a body (or black hole) that is ‘scaled down’ to zero size and mass in an appropriate manner. We prove that the limiting worldline of such a one-parameter family must be a geodesic of the background metric and obtain the leading order perturbative corrections, which include gravitational self-force, spin force, and geodesic deviation effects. The status the MiSaTaQuWa equation is explained as a candidate ‘self-consistent perturbative equation’ associated with our rigorous perturbative result

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Jul 02, 2009

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