[0907.2637] Unambiguous determination of gravitational waveforms from binary black hole mergers

Authors: C. Reisswig, N. T. Bishop, D. Pollney, B. Szilagyi

Date: 15 Jul 2009

Abstract: The accurate calculation of gravitational radiation emitted during black hole merger events is important for both improving the chances of detecting such events, as well as for making an astrophysical interpretation of the data once an event has been detected. Gravitational radiation is properly defined only at future null infinity (denoted by Scri), but in practice it is estimated from data calculated at a finite radius. We have used characteristic extraction to calculate gravitational radiation at Scri for the real astrophysical problem of the inspiral and merger of two equal mass non-spinning black holes (this problem has become a standard benchmark case in numerical relativity). Thus we have determined the first unambiguous merger waveforms for this problem. The implementation that has been developed is general purpose, and can be applied to calculate the gravitational radiation, at Scri, given data at a finite radius calculated in another computation.

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Jul 16, 2009

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