[0908.0228] Non-Gaussianity analysis of GW background made by short-duration burst signals

Authors: Naoki Seto

Date: 3 Aug 2009

Abstract: We study an observational method to analyze non-Gaussianity of a gravitational wave (GW) background made by superposition of weak burst signals. The proposed method is based on fourth-order correlations of data from four detectors, and might be useful to discriminate the origin of a GW background. With a formulation newly developed to discuss geometrical aspects of the correlations, it is found that the method provides us with linear combinations of two interesting parameters, I_2 and V_2 defined by the Stokes parameters of individual GW burst signals. We also evaluate sensitivities of specific detector networks to these parameters.

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Aug 06, 2009

0908.0228 (/preprints)
2009-08-06, 08:33 [edit]

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