[0909.1313] High accuracy simulations of black hole binaries:spins anti-aligned with the orbital angular momentum

Authors: Tony Chu, Harald P. Pfeiffer, Mark A. Scheel

Date: 7 Sep 2009

Abstract: High-accuracy binary black hole simulations are presented for black holes with spins anti-aligned with the orbital angular momentum. The particular case studied represents an equal-mass binary with spins of equal magnitude S/mˆ2=0.43757 \pm 0.00001. The system has initial orbital eccentricity ~4e-5, and is evolved through 10.6 orbits plus merger and ringdown. The remnant mass and spin are M_f=(0.961109 \pm 0.000003)M and S_f/M_fˆ2=0.54781 \pm 0.00001, respectively, where M is the mass during early inspiral. The gravitational waveforms have accumulated numerical phase errors of <~ 0.1 radians without any time or phase shifts, and <~ 0.01 radians when the waveforms are aligned with suitable time and phase shifts. The waveform is extrapolated to infinity using a procedure accurate to <~ 0.01 radians in phase, and the extrapolated waveform differs by up to 0.13 radians in phase and about one percent in amplitude from the waveform extracted at finite radius r=350M. The simulations employ different choices for the constraint damping parameters in the wave zone; this greatly reduces the effects of junk radiation, allowing the extraction of a clean gravitational wave signal even very early in the simulation.

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Sep 09, 2009

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