[0909.3557] Simulations of Binary Black Hole Mergers Using Spectral Methods

Authors: Béla Szilágyi, Lee Lindblom, Mark A. Scheel

Date: 21 Sep 2009

Abstract: Several improvements in numerical methods and gauge choice are presented that make it possible now to perform simulations of the merger and ringdown phases of "generic" binary black-hole evolutions using the pseudo-spectral evolution code SpEC. These improvements include the use of a new damped-wave gauge condition, a new grid structure with appropriate filtering that improves stability, and better adaptivity in conforming the grid structures to the shapes and sizes of the black holes. Simulations illustrating the success of these new methods are presented for a variety of binary black-hole systems. These include fairly ‘generic’ systems with unequal masses (up to 2:1 mass ratios), and spins (with magnitudes up to 0.4 Mˆ2) pointing in various directions.

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Sep 24, 2009

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