[0909.4150] Generalized Kerr spacetime with an arbitrary mass quadrupole moment: geometric properties vs particle motion

Authors: Donato Bini, Andrea Geralico, Orlando Luongo, Hernando Quevedo

Date: 23 Sep 2009

Abstract: An exact solution of Einstein's field equations in empty space first found in 1985 by Quevedo and Mashhoon is analyzed in detail. This solution generalizes Kerr spacetime to include the case of matter with arbitrary mass quadrupole moment and is specified by three parameters, the mass $M$, the angular momentum per unit mass $a$ and the quadrupole parameter $q$. It reduces to the Kerr spacetime in the limiting case $q=0$ and to the Erez-Rosen spacetime when the specific angular momentum $a$ vanishes. The geometrical properties of such a solution are investigated. Causality violations, directional singularities and repulsive effects occur in the region close to the source. Geodesic motion and accelerated motion are studied on the equatorial plane which, due to the reflection symmetry property of the solution, turns out to be also a geodesic plane.

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Sep 24, 2009

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