[0909.4263] Modeling Extreme Mass Ratio Inspirals within the Effective-One-Body Approach

Authors: Nicolas Yunes, Alessandra Buonanno, Scott A. Hughes, M. Coleman Miller, Yi Pan

Date: 23 Sep 2009

Abstract: We present the first models of extreme-mass-ratio inspirals within the effective-one-body (EOB) formalism, focusing on quasi-circular orbits into non-rotating black holes. We show that the phase difference and (Newtonian normalized) amplitude difference between EOB and Teukolsky-based gravitational waveforms can be reduced to < 0.1 rads and < 0.002, respectively, after a 2-year evolution. The inclusion of post-Newtonian self-force terms in the EOB approach leads to a phase disagreement of ~6-27 rads after a 2-year evolution. Such inclusion could also allow for the EOB modeling of waveforms from intermediate-mass ratio, quasi-circular inspirals.

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Sep 24, 2009

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