[0910.4302] Detecting gravitational waves from inspiraling binaries with a network of geographically separated detectors: coherent versus coincident strategies

Authors: Himan Mukhopadhyay, Hideyuki Tagoshi, Sanjeev Dhurandhar, Nobuyuki Kanda

Date: 22 Oct 2009

Abstract: We compare two strategies of multi-detector detection of compact binary inspiral signals, namely, the coincidence and the coherent for the realistic case of geographically separated detectors.We compare the performances of the methods by plotting the receiver operating characteristics (ROC) for the strategies. Several results are derived analytically in order to gain insight. Simulations are performed in order to plot the ROC curves. A single astrophysical source as well as a distribution of sources is considered. We find that the coherent strategy is superior to the two coincident strategies that we consider. Remarkably, the detection probability of the coherent strategy is 50% better than the naive coincident strategy. One the other hand, difference in performance between the coherent strategy and enhanced coincident strategy is not very large. Even in this situation, it is not difficult to perform the real data analysis with the coherent strategy. The bottom line is that the coherent strategy is a good detection strategy.

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Oct 23, 2009

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