[0910.5931] Gravitational waveforms from unequal-mass binaries with arbitrary spins under leading order spin-orbit coupling

Authors: Manuel Tessmer

Date: 30 Oct 2009

Abstract: The paper generalizes the structure of gravitational waves from orbiting spinning binaries under leading order spin-orbit coupling, as given in the work by K\"onigsd\"orffer and Gopakumar [PRD 71, 024039 (2005)] for single-spin and equal-mass binaries, to unequal-mass binaries and arbitrary spin configurations. The orbital motion is taken to be quasi-circular and the fractional mass difference is assumed to be small against one. The emitted gravitational waveforms are given in analytic form.

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Nov 05, 2009

0910.5931 (/preprints)
2009-11-05, 10:44 [edit]

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