[0911.0473] Recovering a spinning inspiralling compact binary waveform immersed in LIGO-like noise with spinning templates

Authors: László Veréb, Zoltán Keresztes, Péter Raffai, Szabolcs Mészáros, László Á. Gergely

Date: 3 Nov 2009

Abstract: We investigate the recovery chances of highly spinning waveforms immersed in LIGO S5-like noise by performing a matched filtering with one million randomly chosen spinning waveforms generated with the LAL package. While the masses of the compact binary are reasonably well recovered (slightly overestimated), the same does not hold true for the spins. We show the best fit matches both in the time-domain and the frequency-domain. These encompass some of the spinning characteristics of the signal, but far less, that would be required to identify the astrophysical parameters of the system. An improvement of the matching method is necessary, though may be difficult due to the noisy signal.

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Nov 05, 2009

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