[1002.0726] High-Order Post-Newtonian Fit of the Gravitational Self-Force for Circular Orbits in the Schwarzschild Geometry

Authors: Luc Blanchet, Steven Detweiler, Alexandre Le Tiec, Bernard F. Whiting

Date: 3 Feb 2010

Abstract: We continue a previous work on the comparison between the post-Newtonian (PN) approximation and the gravitational self-force (SF) analysis of circular orbits in a Schwarzschild background. We show that the numerical SF data contain physical information corresponding to extremely high PN approximations. We find that knowing analytically determined appropriate PN parameters helps tremendously in allowing the numerical data to be used to obtain higher order PN coefficients. Using standard PN theory we compute analytically the leading 4PN and the next-to-leading 5PN logarithmic terms in the conservative part of the dynamics of a compact binary system. The numerical perturbative SF results support well the analytic PN calculations through first order in the mass ratio, and are used to accurately measure the 4PN and 5PN non-logarithmic coefficients in a particular gauge invariant observable. Furthermore we are able to give estimates of higher order contributions up to the 7PN level. In our best fit we also confirm with high precision the value of the 3PN coefficient. This interplay between PN and SF efforts is important for the synthesis of template waveforms of extreme mass ratio inspirals to be analysed by the space-based gravitational wave instrument LISA. Our work will also have an impact on efforts that combine numerical results in a quantitative analytical framework so as to generate complete inspiral waveforms for the ground-based detection of gravitational waves by instruments such as LIGO and Virgo.

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Feb 05, 2010

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