[1002.4552] A 4PN-exact approximation to General Relativity

Authors: David Brizuela, Gerhard Schaefer

Date: 24 Feb 2010

Abstract: An approximation to General Relativity is presented which agrees with the Einstein field equations up to and including the fourth post-Newtonian (PN) order. This approximation is formulated in a fully constrained scheme: all involved equations are explicitly elliptic except the wave equation that describes the two independent degrees of freedom of the gravitational field. The formalism covers naturally the conformal-flat-condition (CFC) approach by Isenberg, Wilson, and Mathews and the improved second PN-order exact approach CFC+. For stationary configurations, like Kerr black holes, agreement with General Relativity is achieved even through 5PN order. In addition, we analyze in detail a particularly interesting 2PN-exact waveless approximation which results from imposing more restrictive conditions. The proposed scheme can be considered as a further development on the waveless approach suggested by Schaefer and Gopakumar [Phys. Rev. D {\bf 69}, 021501 (2004)].

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Feb 25, 2010

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