[1003.0390] Binary spinning black hole Hamiltonian in canonical center-of-mass and rest-frame coordinates through higher post-Newtonian order

Authors: Tilman J. Rothe, Gerhard Schäfer

Date: 1 Mar 2010

Abstract: The recently constructed Hamiltonians for spinless binary black holes through third post-Newtonian order and for spinning ones through formal second post-Newtonian order, where the spins are counted of zero post-Newtonian order, are transformed into fully canonical center-of-mass and rest-frame variables. The mixture terms in the Hamiltonians between center-of-mass and rest-frame variables are in accordance with the relation between the total linear momentum and the center-of-mass velocity as demanded by global Lorentz invariance. The various generating functions for the center-of-mass and rest-frame canonical variables are explicitly given in terms of the single-particle canonical variables. The no-interaction theorem does not apply because the world-line condition of Lorentz covariant position variables is not imposed.

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Mar 02, 2010

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