[1003.2735] Eccentric orbital motion of compact binaries with aligned spins and angular momentum under higher order spin coupling

Authors: Manuel Tessmer, Johannes Hartung, Gerhard Schaefer

Date: 13 Mar 2010

Abstract: A quasi-Keplerian parameterisation for the solutions of second post-Newtonian (PN) accurate equations of motion for spinning compact binaries is obtained including leading order spin-spin and next-to-leading order spin-orbit interactions. Rotational deformation of the compact objects is incorporated. For arbitrary mass ratios the spin orientations are taken to be parallel or anti-parallel to the orbital angular momentum vector. The emitted gravitational wave forms are given in analytic form up to 2PN point particle, 1.5PN spin orbit and 1PN spin-spin contributions, where the spins are counted of 0PN order.

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Mar 17, 2010

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2010-03-17, 12:10 [edit]

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