[1003.3865] A General Formula for Black Hole Gravitational Wave Kicks

Authors: James R. van Meter, M. Coleman Miller, John G. Baker, William D. Boggs, Bernard J. Kelly

Date: 19 Mar 2010

Abstract: Although the gravitational wave kick velocity in the orbital plane of coalescing black holes has been understood for some time, apparently conflicting formulae have been proposed for the dominant out-of-plane kick, each a good fit to different data sets. This is important to resolve because it is only the out-of-plane kicks that can reach more than 500 km/s and can thus eject merged remnants from galaxies. Using a different ansatz for the out-of-plane kick, we show that we can fit almost all existing data to better than 5 %. This is good enough for any astrophysical calculation, and shows that the previous apparent conflict was only because the two data sets explored different aspects of the kick parameter space.

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Mar 22, 2010

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