[1003.5553] Gravitational Waves Notes, Issue #2 : "A probe of spacetime and astrophysics: EMRIs"

Authors: Pau Amaro-Seoane, Bernard Schutz, Nicolas Yunes

Date: 29 Mar 2010

Abstract: GW Notes was born from the need for a journal where the distinct communities involved in gravitation wave research might gather. While these three communities - Astrophysics, General Relativity and Data Analysis - have made significant collaborative progress over recent years, we believe that it is indispensable to future advancement that they draw closer, and that they speak a common idiom. For this GW Notes issue we have approached Nicolás Yunes (Princeton University) to extend in high detail his recent work on EMRI waveforms for our highlight article.

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Mar 31, 2010

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2010-03-31, 14:49 [edit]

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