[1004.0998] Methods for Reducing False Alarms in Searches for Compact Binary Coalescences in LIGO Data

Authors: J. Slutsky, L. Blackburn, D. A. Brown, L. Cadonati, J. Cain, M. Cavaglià, S. Chatterji, N. Christensen, M. Coughlin, S. Desai, G. González, T. Isogai, E. Katsavounidis, B. Rankins, T. Reed, K. Riles, P. Shawhan, J. R. Smith, N. Zotov, J. Zweizig

Date: 7 Apr 2010

Abstract: The LIGO detectors are sensitive to a variety of noise transients of non-astrophysical origin. Instrumental glitches and environmental disturbances increase the false alarm rate in the searches for gravitational waves. Using times already identified when the interferometers produced data of questionable quality, or when the channels that monitor the interferometer indicated non-stationarity, we have developed techniques to safely and effectively veto false triggers from the compact binary coalescences (CBCs) search pipeline.

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Apr 09, 2010

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2010-04-09, 12:05 [edit]

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