[1005.0779] Gravitational Waves from Core Collapse Supernovae

Authors: Konstantin N Yakunin, Pedro Marronetti, Anthony Mezzacappa, Stephen W Bruenn, Ching-Tsai Lee, M Austin Chertkow, W Raphael Hix, John M Blondin, Eric J Lentz, O E Bronson Messer, Shin'ichirou Yoshida

Date: 5 May 2010

Abstract: We present the gravitational wave signatures for a suite of axisymmetric core collapse supernova models with progenitors masses between 12 and 25 sollar masses. These models are distinguished by the fact they explode and contain essential physics (in particular, multi-frequency neutrino transport and general relativity) needed for a more realistic description. Thus, we are able to compute complete waveforms (i.e., through explosion) based on non-parameterized, first-principles models. This is essential if the waveform amplitudes and time scales are to be computed more precisely. Fourier decomposition shows that the peak in the AdvLIGO-observable component of the gravitational wave signature stems from the SASI. The fundamental limitation of these models is in their imposition of axisymmetry. Further progress will require counterpart three-dimensional models.

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May 06, 2010

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