[1006.0182] The Lagrange Equilibrium Points L_4 and L_5 in a Black Hole Binary System

Authors: Jeremy D. Schnittman

Date: 1 Jun 2010

Abstract: We calculate the location and stability of the L_4 and L_5 Lagrange equilibrium points in the circular restricted three-body problem as the binary system evolves via gravitational radiation losses. Relative to the purely Newtonian case, we find that the L_4 equilibrium point moves towards the secondary mass and becomes slightly less stable, while the L_5 point moves away from the secondary and gains in stability. We discuss a number of astrophysical applications of these results, in particular as a mechanism for producing electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational-wave signals.

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Jun 04, 2010

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2010-06-04, 14:09 [edit]

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