[1006.5363] Stochastic resonance with matched filtering

Authors: Li-Fang Li, Jian-Yang Zhu

Date: 28 Jun 2010

Abstract: Along with the development of interferometric gravitational wave detector, we enter into an epoch of gravitational wave astronomy, which will open a brand new window for astrophysics to observe our universe. Almost all of the data analysis methods in gravitational wave detection are based on matched filtering. Gravitational wave detection is a typical example of weak signal detection, and this weak signal is buried in strong instrument noise. So it seems attractable if we can take advantage of stochastic resonance. But unfortunately, almost all of the stochastic resonance theory is based on Fourier transformation and has no relation to matched filtering. In this paper we try to relate stochastic resonance to matched filtering. Our results show that stochastic resonance can indeed be combined with matched filtering for both periodic and non-periodic input signal. This encouraging result will be the first step to apply stochastic resonance to matched filtering in gravitational wave detection. In addition, based on matched filtering, we firstly proposed a novel measurement method for stochastic resonance which is valid for both periodic and non-periodic driven signal.

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Jun 30, 2010

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2010-06-30, 00:22 [edit]

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