[1007.1312] Spin induced multipole moments for the gravitational wave flux from binary inspirals to third Post-Newtonian order

Authors: Rafael A. Porto, Andreas Ross, Ira Z. Rothstein

Date: 8 Jul 2010

Abstract: Using effective field theory techniques we calculate the source multipole moments needed to obtain the spin contributions to the power radiated in gravitational waves from inspiralling compact binaries to third Post-Newtonian order (3PN). The multipoles depend linearly and quadratically on the spins and include both spin(1)spin(2) and spin(1)spin(1) components. The results in this paper provide the last missing ingredient required to determine the phase evolution to 3PN including all spin effects which we will report in a separate paper.

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Jul 09, 2010

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2010-07-09, 21:47 [edit]

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