[1008.1278] Multipole moments of bumpy black holes

Authors: Sarah J. Vigeland

Date: 6 Aug 2010

Abstract: General relativity predicts the existence of black holes, compact objects whose spacetimes depend on only their mass and spin (the famous "no hair" theorem). As various observations probe deeper into the strong fields of black hole candidates, it is becoming possible to test this prediction. Previous work suggested that such tests can be performed by measuring whether the multipolar structure of black hole candidates has the form that general relativity demands, and introduced a family of "bumpy black hole" spacetimes to be used for making these measurements. These spacetimes are black holes with the "wrong" multipoles, where the deviation from general relativity depends on the spacetime's "bumpiness." In this paper, we show how to compute the Geroch-Hansen moments of a bumpy black hole, demonstrating that there is a clean mapping between the deviations used in the bumpy black hole formalism and the Geroch-Hansen moments. We also extend our previous results to define bumpy black holes whose {\it current} moments, analogous to magnetic moments of electrodynamics, deviate from the canonical Kerr value.

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Aug 09, 2010

1008.1278 (/preprints)
2010-08-09, 17:58 [edit]

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