[1008.4009] Head-on infall of two compact objects: Third post-Newtonian Energy Flux

Authors: Chandra Kant Mishra, Bala R. Iyer

Date: 24 Aug 2010

Abstract: Head-on infall of two compact objects with arbitrary mass ratio is investigated using the multipolar post-Minkowskian approximation method. At the third post-Newtonian order the energy flux, in addition to the instantaneous contributions, also includes hereditary contributions consisting of the gravitational-wave tails, tails-of-tails and the tail-squared terms. The results are given both for infall from infinity and also for infall from a finite distance. These analytical expressions should be useful for the comparison with the high accuracy numerical relativity results within the limit in which post-Newtonian approximations are valid.

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Aug 24, 2010

1008.4009 (/preprints)
2010-08-24, 20:56 [edit]

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