[1010.2777] Simulating merging binary black holes with nearly extremal spins

Authors: Geoffrey Lovelace, Mark. A. Scheel, Bela Szilagyi

Date: 13 Oct 2010

Abstract: Astrophysically realistic black holes may have spins that are nearly extremal (i.e., close to 1 in dimensionless units). Numerical simulations of binary black holes — important tools both for calibrating analytical templates for gravitational-wave detection and for exploring the nonlinear dynamics of curved spacetime — are particularly challenging when the holes' spins are nearly extremal. Typical initial data methods cannot yield simulations with nearly extremal spins; e.g., Bowen-York data cannot produce simulations with spins larger than about 0.93. In this paper, we present the first binary black hole inspiral, merger, and ringdown with initial spins larger than the Bowen-York limit. Specifically, using the Spectral Einstein Code (SpEC), we simulate the inspiral (through 12.5 orbits), merger and ringdown of two equal-mass black holes with equal spins of magnitude 0.95 antialigned with the orbital angular momentum.

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Oct 15, 2010

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