[1011.0593] Modeling maximum astrophysical gravitational recoil velocities

Authors: Carlos O. Lousto, Yosef Zlochower

Date: 2 Nov 2010

Abstract: We measure the recoil velocity as a function of spin for equal-mass, highly-spinning black-hole binaries, with spins in the orbital plane, equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. We confirm that the leading-order effect is linear in the spin and the cosine of angle between the spin direction and the infall direction at merger. We find higher-order corrections that are proportional to the odd powers in both the spin and cosine of this angle. Taking these corrections into account, we predict that the maximum recoil will be 3680+-130 km/s.

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Nov 06, 2010

1011.0593 (/preprints)
2010-11-06, 20:33 [edit]

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