[1012.3894] Full-analytic frequency-domain gravitational wave forms from eccentric compact binaries to 2PN accuracy

Authors: Manuel Tessmer, Gerhard Schaefer

Date: 17 Dec 2010

Abstract: The article provides full-analytical gravitational wave (GW) forms for eccentric nonspinning compact binaries of arbitrary mass ratio in the time Fourier domain. We avoid, for the first time, the semi-analytical property of recent descriptions, i.e. the demand of inverting the higher-order Kepler equation numerically but keeping all other computations analytic.
The article is a completion of a previous article {(Tessmer and Sch\"afer, 2010. arXiv:1006.3714)} to second post-Newtonian (2PN) order in the harmonic GW amplitude and conservative orbital dynamics. The GW amplitudes are given in spherical tensor components. % A fully analytical inversion formula of the Kepler equation in harmonic coordinates is provided, as well as the analytic time Fourier expansion of trigonometric functions of the eccentric anomaly in terms of sines and cosines of the mean anomaly.

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Dec 20, 2010

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